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Professional Grad School SoP Editing Service

Why Is Editing SoP for Graduate Student Applications so Important?

The statement of purpose or SoP is one of the most important parts of your graduate school application. It is your chance to show the admissions committee in your own words why you will be a perfect applicant to accept to their program. Editing statement of purpose for graduate school admissions is vitally important so that you can be sure that your application will be the best that it can be. An SoP editing service such as ours will help you to make sure that your application is outstanding.

Your SoP along with your GRE scores and other information will be reviewed and compared against the many other applicants for a place. If there are issues with your statement or it simply fails to impress then you will find that your application is not going to be one of those selected. It must be far more impressive and focused that anything that you supplied for college and shows your full commitment to study further and successfully.

professional grad school sop editing service

The admissions committee for your selected PhD career or Masters program will review your statement with great care. Any issues with your writing could easily see your application being put to one side. Our grad school SoP editing service has been helping applicants for several years and we have the staff and the support that is required to make your application memorable.

Mistakes to Avoid When Editing Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

Editing SoP for Master’s or Doctoral applications takes a huge amount of time and commitment on your part. There are many mistakes that you can make with your editing so it will help you to know what they are before you start:

  • Don’t simply avoid your editing: surprisingly many applicants will submit their first draft thinking that their scores and grades are enough to secure them a place.
  • Don’t leave your editing until the last minute: editing SoP for advanced academic degree applications is not something that you will do in a few minutes.
  • Don’t write then jump straight to editing: you will know your writing too well and simply will miss any errors or opportunities to improve it.
  • Don’t trust your software to find all issues: software cannot fix every problem with your writing nor can it make suggestions to improve its readability.
  • Don’t rush: your graduate school statement of purpose review needs to be done with care so take your time.
  • Don’t look for everything within your statement at the same time: go through your writing several times looking for different things each time.
  • Don’t forget to look at the big picture: some get so tied up in the technical side of their writing they forget to see if their statement has covered what the Harvard, Yale or UCLA program actually wants to see from them.
  • Don’t make changes for the sake of changes: often you will go through multiple revisions but they may not actually add any more value to your application. Know when you need to stop.
  • Don’t try to go it alone: even if you edit your own work ask for other people’s opinion on your writing.

10 Tips for Editing Graduate School SoP

When editing statement of purpose for PhD applications you will want to make sure that you always do your best so that you have the highest chance of getting selected. The following tips will help you to ensure that your editing and proofreading grad school statement of purpose goes smoothly:

  • Ensure that you have covered everything that the admissions committee officers will be looking for before you look at anything else.
  • Check your opening lines: they must be capable of dragging in the full attention of the reader.
  • Review the flow of your statement: does it flow from start to end logically and does your conclusion tie back to the opening?
  • Print your writing out using a larger than normal font. Also, use a font that you do not usually write in.
  • Read the statement aloud and listen to it: this will highlight any issues with the writing with ease.
  • Look at your writing in reverse: read through it backwards concentrating on one sentence at a time.
  • Read through the writing many times, each time looking for a different issue rather than looking for all.
  • When you have finished your editing, do it again! You will often need to do several rounds of revision to achieve your best.
  • Only work when you can concentrate fully: if you feel yourself getting distracted take a rest before starting again.
  • Get additional support: ask others to review your writing for you to get their opinion also.

As this advice from UCLA says:

“Perfection is a must: be meticulous and thorough with your editing.”

Why Should You Use a Professional Grad School SoP Editor

SoP proofreading and editing is not something that is easy to do by yourself. Most people do not have the time to do it well and most find that they simply cannot see the problems with their own writing. If you want your graduate school SoP critique to be effective then use one of our editors as they are:

  • Able to give you an unbiased review of what you have written.
  • Will be able to see things that you will miss as they are not familiar with your writing.
  • They will fully understand what the admissions committee will want to see.
  • They know what does and what does not work with your writing.
  • They are fully dedicated to ensuring your statement of purpose will be the best it can be.

help editing statement of purpose for graduate school

Why Should You Use Our Graduate School SoP Editing Help?

We provide you with the best editors to improve your chances of getting selected with your grad school application. With our specialists, you get exceptional editing help and all of this:

  • A rapid turnaround on your editing: we will never deliver your statement of purpose late no matter how tight the deadline.
  • Free proofreading: your writing will always be double-checked after editing so that there are no errors.
  • Totally confidential: we will not share your personal information or the content of your writing.
  • Full satisfaction with your graduate SoP or your money is refunded to you.

Get in touch with our grad school SoP editing service here today for effective and affordable help editing statement of purpose for graduate school admissions!